2014-04-04 10.36.21 April 04

Refire: Grilled prosciutto & gouda w/ caramelized onions & roasted tomato mayonnaise

Same great taste, way less mess.

pbj April 02

It’s National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

2014-03-31 11.24.18 March 31

Philadelphia steak burger w/ provolone cheese sauce & caramelized onions

Yo, Philly!

burger March 27

Insane Burger Fantasies

Like one with cheese? Sign me up!

2014-03-24 13.48.51 March 26

Argentinian turkey burger w/ chimichuri

It’s almost time to tailgate!

20140318_193533_5_bestshot March 19

Grilled ham & gouda w/ caramelized onions & roasted tomato mayonnaise

It’s a mess. A delicious mess.

burgeer March 12

The Most Fattening Foods on Earth

Since when is fat bad for you?

2014-03-11 09.51.45 March 11

Tilapia fish tacos w/ arugula

Fish cups!

2014-03-04 12.27.31 March 04

Roasted garlic alfredo sauce

A homemade alfredo sauce. Or you can just dip bread in it! Or a spoon! Who has a spoon?

flay February 18

Staying Fit on a Busy Schedule

There’s always time to work out, even if it’s just for as little as 30 minutes a day.

2014-02-14 15.33.22 February 17

Turkey soup w/ tarragon dumplings

Stupid groundhog.

logo February 14

State of the Blog

Did the blog survive snow-mageddon?

scack January 29

How to Build a Snack Stadium

No matter who wins, we all lose. No, not weight. We get much, much fatter.

2014-01-27 11.48.05 January 28

Sausage, red onion & wild mushroom pizza

We didn’t eat so healthy this weekend.


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