The Food Chain V3.0

Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Food Chain, or Food Chain V3.0. There’s some explanations and housekeeping after the jump.

I’ve been running a food blog since the spring of 2009, hence the “09” after both the site’s address here and in the Facebook profile. Also, “foodchain” was taken, so that.

After a rocky start with Blogger, I relocated to Tumblr, which housed the site for about 2 years. Special thanks to the folks at Tumblr for an amazing run, a completely operational site and beautiful designs.

Unfortunately, Tumblr could not function with my new handy dandy iPad. As a matter of fact, all that is available via the Apple App Store is an iPhone app, which isn’t 100% functional. As I transition my personal business from my PC to my iPad, WordPress was the clear cut winner.

We’re going to be going through some growing pains trying to fit a design that best suits the blog you’ve been used to, as well as trying to add a whole slew of new features to the site. And as always, The Food Chain is right where we left it on both FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Stick around!
Stay hungry!


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