Some notes about the blog…

I’ve already moved 25 recipes from the old Tumblr! I love the new layout and how everything is categorized. And since iPad functionality was so important (cause I paid $4.99 for iPhoto, dammit),  it’s safe to say that this move looks to be permanent.

Then again, this was my third move in three years. To be fair, Blogger was only a few months, and it was a disaster.

Anywho, I just want to encourage all new and old readers to interact in any way they want with me and the site. All comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome. While the site is the hub for all things recipes, over on Facebook and Twitter, there’s usually some behind the scenes shots of what’s going on in the kitchen, updates on what’s coming soon, The Food Chain on location, restaurants, etc.

I’m also sharing on Pinterest. So that one too. Ok.

Hope to hear from some new and old faces soon.

Stay hungry.


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