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Escalope of veal caponata

The first new dish for the new site. And it’s glorious.

After transferring a handful of oldie but deliciousie dishies from the old site, it was great to get back in the kitchen and do something legitimately new. This one comes from the Gordon Ramsay iPhone app, that unfortunately I’d have to pay for again on the iPad. No thanks, Gordon. I’ll stick with the grainy looking iPhone version on the iPad that I already paid $7.99 for.

Recipe courtesy of Gordon Ramsay’s Cook With Me
Serves 4

1 red pepper
2 celery stalks
1 onion
1 eggplant
5 tbsp. olive oil
1-1/2 tbsp. red wine vinegar (or balsamic)
5 large tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
2 tbsp. superfine sugar
fresh basil
3-1/2 oz. green pitted olives
2 oz. capers

3-1/2 oz. breadcrumbs
2 oz. Parmesan
4 veal escalopes (6 oz. each, 1/4 in. thick)
3 tbsp. olive oil
2 oz. pine nuts
1 tbsp. butter
fresh basil

1/2 lb. fresh linguine
5 oz. chicken stock
4 oz. unsalted butter
1/2 lemon (zest and juice)
fresh parsley

salt and pepper

Chop the vegetables (pepper, celery, onion and eggplant into chunks), then saute them in olive oil over high heat for about 5 minutes. Add the vinegar, stir, then add tomatoes, garlic, sugar, basil, olive and capers. Cook over high for five to eight minutes until the eggplant is tender. Remove from heat.

Frying the veal is like working an assembly line. In one bowl, add flour. In the next bowl, beat the egg. In the last bowl, mix the breadcrumbs and the Parmesan. Then follow the veal down the line. Dredge in flour. Dip in egg. Coat in breadcrumbs. Lather, rinse, repeat. Set the breaded veal aside.

Cook the linguine in a pot of salted water until done. In a saucepan, heat the stock until almost boiled, then add the butter in small cubes and the lemon zest. Whisk until emulsified, then add lemon juice and season to taste. Add one or two tablespoons to the emulsion, then toss in the pasta for a minute or two. Drain, return the pasta to the saucepan and mix in the fresh parsley.

Almost done. I swear.

Heat olive oil in a wide pan and fry the veal over high heat. Turn the veal over after a minute or two, then top with pine nuts and capers. Add a tablespoon of butter to the pan and finish cooking the veal. Garnish with chopped basil, then lay the veal atop some of the caponata. Twirl some linguine onto the plate.



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