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A Cooking Show w/ Ryan: Cook Off!

Ladies and gentlemen, the finale!

After four episodes to trying to teach some of our closest friends, The Food Chain and Serious Peanuts filmed the first ever Cook Off with two people I flat out refused to film solo episodes with. Why? As you will see from working with Dan in the kitchen or trying to keep Colin in line with the recipe, they are both incredibly frustrating individuals. And just working with one of them per episode would have been entirely too much.

Fortunately, the ability to work with you in the kitchen is not a pre-requisite to being one of my best friends.

So, as we wrap up the first season of the show, a very special thank you to Cagney and Ryan for coming up with this show concept and giving me and the blog some exposure. I had a blast filming each episode, have appreciated all of the support and even the criticisms and look forward to maybe doing more projects with the both of you.

Maybe even a second season…



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