Yesterday, the blog posted its 100th post. This is number 101! So…now what?

Wait, 100 posts? And I’m still on the same site? For serious, I move from site to site on a pretty frequent basis. Blogger, Tumblr, I think there was another one in there somewhere. So what should I do to celebrate this momentous occasion?

I’m changing the blog!

For realsies.

I’m not changing sites (any time soon) or going through the 57th redesign (not this month, anyway). Instead, I’m changing the format a little bit to make this a full-blown food blog.

Up to this point, the site was my recipes and recipes of some chefs you may or may not have heard of on TV. I’m keeping that stuff, but mixing in links, articles, videos, pictures and other goofy shit in hopes of having some new material up each and every day.

(Basically, it’s what I’m doing over on the Facebook page, except now I’m doing it here too.)

For true, thanks for all of the support, the comments, and the eating. Stay tuned and stay hungry.


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