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The Ron Swanson Banana Burger

Ron Swanson is the greatest hero in American history.

A few months ago, and I think on the old site come to think of it, we saw actor Nick Offerman, who portrays the epic Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, making the Ron Swanson Turkey Burger. There’s even video of Offerman showing how you can do it at home, if you have a death wish.

And if you don’t watch the Parks & Rec for some inexplicable reason, you’re probably like “So what? A turkey burger? Big deal.” FALSE. It is not your run of the mill ground turkey burger. As a matter of fact, it’s not even ground turkey. It’s literally a turkey leg (bone-in) encased in ground beef and cooked. It’s a miracle of modern cookery.

If you thought that was good, Ron Swanson took it up a notch last night. Check out the video, courtesy of Eater!

God bless Big Fat America.


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