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Steamed cheeseburger

Mmm. Steamed hams!

In an effort to reduce my food blogging budget (which is a thing) and keep from spending every waking second in the kitchen, I tend to post some nonsense here. I post whatever I can find. Recent skullduggery came from The Simpsons, specifically the episode where Principal Skinner serves Krusty Burgers to Superintendent Chalmers, passing them off as a Skinner-patented recipe for “steamed hams.”

After a few attempts in my own kitchen, here’s are some tips. Yes, now you can steam a good ham yourself!


6 oz. ground beef (80/20)
salt and pepper

1 deep pot, with lid
1 wire rack
3-4 equally-sized thingies

Now, I’m sure you’re all like “aww man! what’s this hunk mean by ‘thingies’?” It’s simple and a thingie can pretty much be a whatever. Listen up.

To steam a good ham, you’re going to need to elevate a wire rack above a little bit of water in a deep pot. I placed some metal crab rings in the bottom of a large pot and put the rack on top of those. If you don’t have rings, try ramekins or something. Just make sure the rack is elevated enough, because if it isn’t, you’re just going to end up boiling your burger.

So, rings/ramekins/thingies/whatevers are in the pot with a bit of water, rack on top. Heat the pot to high until it starts to steam, then reduce to medium.

Season your burger, then place the patty on the rack and put the lid on the pot. Steam for ten minutes, then top with cheese and steam for an additional minutes until the cheesy is gooey.

(Another option with the cheese is to place the cheese in a small dish next to the burger, and steam that along with the burger.) 




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