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Mesquite salsa burger

The burger was great, but just look at that cheese. If that’s not “food porn,” I don’t know what is.

(I’m going to do doing some shilling for a company that is in no way paying me for my endorsement of their line of products. Seriously. But they should definitely hook me up with some free seasonings, marinade or maybe a sweet dirt bike.)

Burger month is almost over, and while I haven’t delivered as much as I could have, this is the most I’ve done for National Burger Month in the history of me knowing about National Burger Month. Small victories.

This month, the lady at the house bought some McCormick’s Grill Mates seasoning blends. As a personal challenge, as well as a great excuse to make a burgers, I’ve decided to theme some burgers based on the different flavors.

Today’s burger is the Mesquite burger, which is oniony, garlicky and a little southwest. And I went all Bobby Flay and put chips on it. BOOM!

Mesquite burger

6 oz. ground beef
McCormick Mesquite seasoning
canola oil

fresh salsa
diced chilies, can
queso blanco
Tortilla chips, crushed (seasoning optional)

It’s a burger. This is simple.

Season the outside of the meat with the McCormick seasoning, then rub with a little canola oil. Grill under cooked to desired doneness.

In my case, I used a gooey queso blanco sauce. If you can’t find that in the store, you can always make a sauce with cheese and milk or cream.

To assemble, top the bottom of the bun with a heaping helping of salsa, then put on the burger, cheese, chilies and crushed chips. We used lime chips, because it’s very rare that the house isn’t fully stocked with lime chips.



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