Animated Beer Labels


If you drink just two of the Stone beers, the actual label on the bottle does move. And then you pass out.


The Food Chain added a kegerator to the fold about 6 years ago, but I haven’t done a damn thing it with it. It needs a lot of work, cleaning and replacement parts. But over the next couple of months, we’ll be cleaning, redecorating and refurnishing the basement, complete with my refurbished kegerator. But I’m not about to do all of that work on an empty liver. I’m starting by completing the kegerator this August. The lady and I will break in the first keg this fall while we do the rest of the work, so in honor of this upcoming adventure, here’s some weird GIFs of beer labels.

Click here for craft beer GIFs from BuzzFeed. And if you’re a beer snob, you can pass this along to all of your friends and tell them how many of these craft beers you’ve tried while they drink their stupid Miller Lite.*

Food tomorrow. For realsies this time.

*Which I drink when I’m on a tight budget or a diet. Which is pretty much all the time.


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