The Food Chain on Instagram

Because food looks best through a 1970s filter.

I’m back from Vegas. A little bit lighter from the gambling (thanks a lot Eagles and 49ers) and slightly heavier from the eating. Other than those pitfalls, it was another great trip across the country with some really great food that I’ll be talking about down the road on a new written feature I’m working on.

Speaking of features, the blog launched an official Instagram, which you can follow at @rynomite57, which also happens to be my Twitter handle, in the event you’re not following that.

The Instagram photos are typically when I’m out at restaurants (aka Adventures in Food) or just some behind the scenes stuff that looks cool, but doesn’t necessarily demand its own post here. For example, last night’s random picture of some bad ass grill marks:

Grill marks! #FTW

A post shared by Ryan Mulloy (@rynomite57) on

I’m going to try to have something up for tonight to celebrate the biggest game of the football season thus far, the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, so until then, Stay Hungry.


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