The Best Light Beer (And The Worst)


And the winner is…

Freaking Miller Lite. Though I’m sure you saw that from the featured photo over there on the left.

Yup, Miller. For years, I’ve had friends telling me that Bud Light is a good light beer. I’ve even had people put Pabst Blue Ribbon in my God damn refrigerator, and that shit tastes like old, dingy, wet socks. But it’s finally comes to this.

Personally, I came of age with Miller beer. I drank a lot of Miller Genuine Draft for awhile, but Miller Lite has always been the staple in my parents home. Fortunately, Miller and I have since parted ways in favor of Yards, Magic Hat, Sam Adams, etc. But it gives me a great deal of pride in my father do know that the Huffington Post, the obvious authority in beer, thinks Dad is right on.

Click here to see the Huffington Post’s Best and Worst of Lights Beers. And be sure to check out the comments the tasters made in the slideshow, which include statements like:

“Wet cardboard and sadness.”

“It smells SO BAD for something that tastes like water.”

“Tastes like weed, sweat and fraternity basements.”

“What is happening? So sour.”

“Well, this is water.”


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