Burgers & Sandwiches

300 Sandwiches Away from an Engagement Ring

This sounds like a brilliant idea, doesn’t it, Beth?

That line alone is going to get me punched so hard later tonight. Unless she’s too worn out from the gym. Fingers crossed.

Apologies for no new original content or dishes this week. It’s been all exercise, processed light soups, vegetarian fare and Lean Cuisine. Fortunately, as of this morning’s weigh in, I have shed my summer vacation weight. Now if I can just lose last winter’s weight, I’ll be on to something.

Three dishes in the queue though, probably starting next Monday, so sit tight and stay hungry.

Anyway, onto the headline for this posting, I came across this really interesting concept over on BuzzFeed. It seems that some guy told his girlfriend that if she made him 300 delicious sandwiches, he’d buy her an engagement ring. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of something clever like that…but with buffalo wings or hamburgers, of course.

She took him up on the offer, and according this article, she’s only 124 shy of a ring.

It’s a cute story, but since this is a food blog, here’s a link to her recipes¬†and her site. Some of them look pretty ace, and if I could take a decent picture of a sandwich, I’d make some of them.

Maybe I just need a better camera and not just a Samsung Galaxy S4?


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