Vice President Biden eats lunch!

And some other fellow had a turkey or something.


Vice President and all around awesome guy who dominates like it’s nobody’s business Joe Biden went out for lunch today with that other political guy he’s always hanging out with. The one from Kenya, Illinois. Barry something.

Anyway Joe (which I’m allowed to call him because he once high-fived me about five minutes from my house) had a hoagie. Actually, it’s called a “9th Street Italian,” but c’mon man, it’s a hoagie. So very Biden.

Joe enjoyed his lunch, while his friend talked about the government. He also sported some really pimp looking sunglasses.

Click here to waste some time on BuzzFeed looking at Joe Biden order a sandwich.

Now for no reason other than because this is a food blog, and I need to make this one less political and more about food, here’s Joe Biden eating stuff:









Happy Friday, everyone!


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