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Gordon Ramsay BurGR

Not a single chef was kicked out of the kitchen during service. WTF!

In my attempts to save a little bit of cash without sacrificing entries into the blog, one of the features I’ve come up with is my “Adventures in Food.” And who better to start off with than my favorite chef, Gordon “Fuck Off” Ramsay.


Back in September 2014, I took my annual Las Vegas trip with the family. One of the honors for me as a foodie is chance to pick the restaurants we try for lunch and dinner. It’s also one of the pitfalls, because everyone in the family is very particular. It’s like trying to have a conversation with three other people, but they each speak a completely different language. The one language we all speak fluently: Hamburgers.

Gordon Ramsay BurGR (I see what you did with the name there, chef) is bad ass. There’s a small area for a line outside, which is lined along a glass wall with a lot of moving fire inside of it. I imagine it’s supposed to go with the Hell’s Kitchen idea, as well as the advertisements noting that only the best burgers can “stand the heat.”


At the table, they give you a fold out menu with a variety of burgers, hot dogs and fries. They also give you an iPad with all of the drinks on it, including a pretty extensive beer list, that I was very satisfied with.


So, here’s how my meal was:

The Britannia BurgerIMG_20130913_131104

I ordered it medium rare, and I got it medium rare. Good start! The burger came on a great sesame seeded bun, but not like the shit you get at a fast food place. It wasn’t soft and falling apart like those, nor was it a hard roll that took a hard bite to get through. Perfect. Besides those things, the burger was topped with English cheddar that was very sharp to taste, but well balanced with a sweet mango chutney. Overall, a great balance.

Grade: A+

Truffle Parmesan Fries
These weren’t much to write home about. They seemed like pretty basic order of french fries that you could get anywhere, even at home. Seriously. Like you made fries and topped them with Kraft parmesan cheese. Ultimately disappointing, but not enough to keep me from going back. Definitely helped out by a chipotle ketchup and an aioli.
Grade: B

Innis & Gunn
I’m an easy mark. When the waitress said that this was Gordon’s favorite beer, I knew this was all I would be drinking. As a matter of fact, it was the only beer I drank that day, having to pound a few at The Pub at Monte Carlo over dinner just to get some of that awful food down, and to tolerate the “witty banter” from their dueling piano show. Anyway, great caramelly taste to the beer that paired well with the meat, the sharpness of the cheese and the sweet chutney.
Grade: A

The service was great, as well as the ambiance, and the presentation of all of the dishes I saw. One I’m definitely going to take away from the experience and do in my own kitchen was the deconstructed jalapeno poppers I saw flying around the restaurant. Basically, it looks as though the jalapeno is breaded and served in a shot glass full of what I can only assume was a cream cheese sauce. For a basic dish though, the presentation made it for me. Enough to remember it, even having not tried it.

I’m not the kind of person who goes back to the same places over and over again, but I could do another meal here again, easily. Hopefully they put one on the East coast, specifically in Philadelphia. Your move, Ramsay.


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