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The Great American Menu

There’s is nothing “great” about how Foodspin feels about my city.

Just the other day, I was perusing the interwebs for recipes, videos and, frankly, just some content while I’m getting stuff done around the house and not in a position to cook. It was during this time that I came across the food version of Deadspin: Foodspin. There’s some humor to it, some interesting articles and features, and then there’s this: The Great American Menu.


Foodspin sets out to rank each state by the item it is best known for. There’s some good stuff listed, admittedly stuff that makes me very hungry. As an added bonus, the site purposefully does not list the Pennsylvania food as the Philadelphia cheesesteak. Personally, I agree. As delicious as one is, it’s tired seeing commercial bumpers during sports all zoomed in on someone topping a steak with Whiz, followed by Joe Buck talking about the sandwich and pretending he’d ever eat one.

On the downside, Foodspin trolls the city of Philadelphia and her state something awful.

I tell my girlfriend all the time, when someone angers her and knows they are pushing her buttons: “Don’t take the bait. It’s a trap.” So in this case, I will take that advice and keep this blog mostly PG-13. And I will let Phoodie do it for me!

Click here for The Great American Menu, and here for Phoodie’s response.


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