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How to Carve a Turkey Perfectly

Carving a bird is a nightmare, especially if it’s still alive.

No? That’s a PETA violation? Fair enough.

I’ve made Beer Can Chicken a number of times, as well as brined and roasted turkey for last Festivus, but the you’re not going to find those on the site because, in the case of the former, the pictures were shotty and in the case of the latter, it’s a holiday meal with the family, not a photo shoot. I’m proud to say, however, that last year’s turkey both looked and tasted excellent thanks to some tips on how to carve poultry.

I got my lesson from the following Bobby Flay video, so take a look:


For those of you looking for directions and to not have to rewind the above video clip, here’s a paint by numbers from the folk’s at BuzzFeed.


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