Duck / Meat / Sauces & Marinades

Crispy duck tacos w/ apricot-jalapeno glaze & cilantro-lime yogurt

A taco dish, 5 dinners in the making.

Last week was a crazy time for us, each dinner just trying to make one damn thing for this blog, with no shortage of tacos.

See, I’ve been enjoying the Gimmie Lean soy alternatives to meat over the last year. I’m still a meatasaurus because meat is delicious and awesome but every now and then, for health and for variety, I switch it up. Last Monday, I found a Bobby Flay sausage taco that I played around with Gimmie Lean’s “ground sausage.” The food was great, but surprise surprise, the pictures were terrifyingly bad.

I then moved onto a tequilla lime chicken as well as crispy duck. Also good. Also most definitely not appetizing on camera.

The duck was an even bigger problem because I didn’t render down the fat, so the meat was tough and the skin was fatty and chewy. And frankly, after putting Beth through three straight nights of tacos and my own journey into madness, I gave the tacos and my brain a day’s rest.

One day later and with some extra duck breast, I took another stab, which yielded the following awesomeness.


Serves 4

1 duck breast
salt and pepper
chili powder

cornstarch (optional)
canola oil (optional)

1 cup Greek yogurt
fresh cilantro
lime zest
salt and pepper

Apricot-jalapeno glaze courtesy of Bobby Flay
1 cup apricot preserves
2 jalapenos, grilled or broiled until charred
juice of 2 limes

mango salsa (optional)
fresh cilantro (optional)

To make the glaze, grilled or broiled your jalapenos until they start to char or blacken. Chop the peppers, the mix with the lime juice and apricot preserves.

In a processor, mix the fresh cilantro, Greek yogurt and lime zest.

The most important part is the duck. Scour the skin slightly and season the duck with salt, pepper, chili powder and cumin. Place in a cold, small pan skin-side down and turn the heat up to medium heat. The skin is fatty enough, so you won’t need to use any oil. When the fat starts to melt in the pan, lower to medium-low heat and let the skin continue to crisp as the far renders.

Once the fat is cooked down, transfer the duck to a 350 degree oven and cook until medium rare, which is around 130. If you like the duck more cooked, you’re on your own here.

Remove the duck from the heat, and brush it with the glaze. Let it rest for 5-10 minutes so that the juices reincorporate. Once rested, you can carve the breast and dice it. To get an extra crispy duck, toss the pieces in a little cornstarch, then fry them up for about a minute in a hot wok with some canola oil.

Toss your finished duck with the mango salsa, then assemble your taco. Finish with a little of the yogurt sauce, then garnish with some fresh cilantro.


Oh right. The salsa. I didn’t make mango salsa. We had a store-bought for a brand we particularly like, so I used that. Sorry. The blog doesn’t have its own recipe for mango salsa yet.


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