My Drunk Kitchen: Thanksgiving for Juan

This is what I’m thankful for.

I’m not very big on Thanksgiving, which is weird because I love to cook. Honestly, it’s probably my least favorite holiday because it’s become a holiday where you gorge yourself like crazy on foods you never eat any other time of the year and, for some inexplicable reason, you eat dinner at 4pm or even earlier if your family is real coo koo bananas.

On the plus side though, I get to see most of the family, enjoy the spirit of togetherness and drink all of my dad’s beer.

One person who isn’t lucky enough to spend her Thanksgiving with a ton of people (last year) is my favorite drinking buddy*, Hannah Hart. Sit back and enjoy herĀ a super-sized version of My Drunk Kitchen – Thanksgiving For Juan:

*I sometimes watch “My Drunk Kitchen” as the home version and drink whatever’s in the kitchen.


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