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Turkey sandwich w/ cranberry pecan mayonnaise

Leftovers baby!

This year, the Lady Food Chain and I split up the holidays with each of us going to our own parents. And while that’s great because we see everyone, it means double the leftovers. So the fridge is packed with two portions of turkey, two helpings of cranberries, lots of stuffing and two containers of gravy. It’s very fattening.

Everyone loves a good turkey sandwich. Some people even eat turkey sandwiches only hours after a Thanksgiving feast, which I find just a little nuts. And speaking of nuts, I put some of them on this sandwich too, because I usually have leftover pecan halves from baking a pie. This sandoozle is really coming together!


leftover turkey, light or dark, shredded a little if possible
bacon, cooked
2 slices bread, toasted

pecan halves, crushed
1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup cranberry sauce

Process the mayo and the cranberry sauce together. These are the measurements I used, so if you like more or less cranberry, make some adjustments. I won’t get mad at you. Also, don’t use all of the mayo. I have enough listed above for a bunch of sandwiches, which will go great with all of that leftover bird.

Once the cranberry-mayo is done, season and fold in the crushed pecans to give it some crunch.

That’s it. Sandwich: Assemble!



One thought on “Turkey sandwich w/ cranberry pecan mayonnaise

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