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Slow cooked red wine flank steak w/ roasted peppers, onions & Swiss cheese

A classy as hell steak sandwich!

I tried to make this one 2-3 years ago when I first got the ‘witchcraft book by Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio. I don’t know what I did. His directions are for braising in a dutch oven at 350 degrees for about two hours. My wine dried up and crusted the pan and the steak was essentially jerky. So I avoided returning to this one for quite a while.

In the place of braising wine, I just drank wine. In the place of flank steak, I just drank wine. It was a good system. Until recently…

It’s been a snowy fall here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Yes, “fall,” because it’s not even winter until tomorrow. With snow days, come cooking projects. So last week, when we were supposed to be in New York for our annual “let’s stare at a tree and smile like little kids again” trip, I took on the flank steak, with some minor alterations.

The original recipe is available via ‘witchcraft by Tom Colicchio, which is available on Amazon and now in digital format for your tablet or phone. Mine deviates from the original as I slow cooked the steak, used regular old Swiss in place of Gruyere and added a little hint of Dijon, as per Beth’s brilliant suggestion.


Recipe adapted from ‘witchcraft by Tom Colicchio
Serves 4

3 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 lb. flank steak
1 medium carrot, cut into large dice
1/2 white onion, cut into large dice
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 cups red wine
2 sprigs fresh thyme
2 tsp. kosher salt

1 red onion, sliced
8 tbsp. roasted red peppers
2 tsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. sherry vinegar

4 ciabatta rolls
8 slices Swiss cheese

4 tsp. Dijon mustard

Season the flank steak with salt, pepper and a little bit of canola oil, then sear it over high heat just to get some color on the meat. You’re not cooking the whole thing here.¬†One it has some color, rest it and add the carrot, white onion and garlic to the pan. Saute until brown, then remove the vegetables and place them in the crockpot. Place the flank steak in the crockpot atop the vegetables, then top with a teaspoon of salt and the fresh thyme. Pour in the red wine and cook for 2 hours on high or around 300 degrees.

While the meat cooks, throw the red onion into the pan you used to sear the meat and cook the other vegetables. There’s still a lot of flavor there. Cook until the onions until they begin to soften, then remove from heat and toss with the olive oil, sherry vinegar and the remaining teaspoon of salt.

Remove the meat from the crockpot, let it cool slightly, then begin to shred it. I used a chef’s knife to slice thin pieces, then shred those by hand. When done, return the meat to the crockpot and turn the heat down to low or about 200 degrees to keep it nice and hot.

Cut open the ciabatta rolls and place a piece of cheese on each side, then broil to melt.

Brush the Dijon on the bottom half of the roll, then top with the steak and the peppers and onion. Put it together. You’ve got a sandwich going.



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