Happy New Year!

In a couple of days, anyway.

No food lined up for the final two days of 2013. Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who visited the website even once this year. It has been an amazing time for the blog and definitely for myself both personally and professionally. I’m sure 2014 will be no easy task on either front, as we save for a wedding and navigate our way through the pitfalls of engagement all the way to the altar, so with that: Stay Hungry. The Food Chain isn’t going anywhere.

Special thanks:

  • My fiance, Beth, for assisting me in the kitchen and being the master of our presentations. It means lukewarm food, but it’s ok because she agreed to those very terms in the proposal.
  • One of my best friends, Cagney @ Serious Peanuts, for supporting my cooking habits and even giving me a nice run with the blog’s first web series. Keep your eyes on he and his writing partner next year. It’s not food related, but it’s still pretty solid.
  • Every one of my friends, old and new, family and soon to be family. Our engagement has been a special time thus far, and we were blessed and honored with an awesome engagement party on Friday night with friends and family, and the final Christmas celebration of the year this past Saturday night. Food, more food and cake and more cake. The fat little kid I once was very happy. The fat little adult he has become needs to hit the treadmill tonight.

Oh, and the Eagles won the division last night against the Cowboys!

Happy New Year!


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