Bobby Flay Fit

Yeah. It’s New Year’s resolution time.

I lost about 6 or 7 pounds last year. That’s great, but ultimately fell incredibly short of my “lose 50 pounds goal.” I know that sounds unrealistic, but by summer, I’d lost a nice amount. Unfortunately, I let football season and good old fashioned drinkin’ ruin the last quarter of the year, so here I am again. But that’s the beauty of it. As my DVD Yoga instructor Diamond Dallas Page says, “Hey, if you fall, guess what? Get back up again.” #DDPYogaPlug

Coincidentally, the start of the New Year brings more videos and recipes from Bobby Flay Fit, a Food Network web series that the blog dabbled in last year. This year’s new recipes include a roasted vegetable meatloaf and a coffee-rubbed steak, both of which are on the horizon for the blog (already scheduled too), along with some that I missed or straight up botched last year. Until then, check out the program over at Food Network, complete with recipes and videos, as well as the posts below which were inspired by the series.

Spicy crab pasta

Wild arugula & chickpea salad

Grouper w/ sour orange sauce & martini relish

And for non-related healthy meals, check out the blog “Eat Yourself Thin!” section.

Stay Hungry. And Stay Fit.


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