27 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier

So…less beer then?

So yeah, it’s January and everyone is trying to lose weight before things thaw out, and we’ll all booked for the beach. I’m only slightly lighter than I was a year ago today, but at least I’m still lighter. But with Mexico in the Spring and some kind of wedding in 2015, it’s time to get incredibly serious about this.

As noted the other day, the blog is experimenting a little bit more with Bobby Flay Fit. But in addition, I’m also cutting some things here and there and ┬ásubstituting others in place, like healthier cooking oils or butter substitutes. Basically, my completely non-professional opinion is that if you love to cook and/or eat, you should never sacrifice taste for being skinny or cut things out entirely just to fit into a pair of super rad dungarees or bell bottoms. You still have to live.

Here are some good tips on how to keep the things you like, but change them up for your health, from our good friends over at BuzzFeed Food. Not going to lie: some of these intrigue me, some I already do and some are completely out there.


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