A message from Serious Peanuts

They bad want…money now.

Remember a year ago when The Food Chain introduced its first ever web series, “A Cooking Show w/ Ryan”? No? Well you should probably get on that. We have all five episodes right here.

The never-awarded or nominated-for-anything series was produced by the guys over at Serious Peanuts, Cagney and Mac. Today, they’ve have announced a Kickstarter to kickstart (see what I did there?) their efforts to produce a brand new, original show called “A Perfect Situation.” I urge you to check the project out here and, if you can afford to do so, donate to their cause. The Kickstarter has information about the show itself, a link to the pilot and rewards information from these two clowns.

And remember: if they ever get really big, maybe one day they’ll release all of their old content on DVD or whatever the format is at that point – which means sweet, sweet royalties from my show, which means a bigger budget for this stupid blog. Or, it’s a cushy retirement on my own private island.

Everybody wins!

Thanks again for supporting my pals. We will resume our regularly scheduled eating later this afternoon.


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