Pairing: Girl Scout cookies and beer

Cookies and beer – together at last.

Last year, I added a section called “Eatin’ & Drinkin'” pairing my favorite beers with some original dishes. We’re a little behind on the feature, but with the addition of a kegerator to the homestead and the joy of wedding planning, you can expect there’s going to be a few pints this year sitting alongside some good food.

In a surprise twist in pairing, (YEAH PHILADELPHIA!) found a local restaurant that has paired craft beers with another guilty pleasure: the Girl Scout cookie.

Click here to read more about these pairings. If you can’t sample them, it might give you some ideas on how to enjoy these desserts at home to their fullest extent, instead of my usual plan which is to just eat the entire box in 30 seconds.

Side bar: The smartest selling tactic of all time was when there were kids and their parents selling these things outside of the beer distributor. Brilliant.



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