Turkey soup w/ tarragon dumplings

Stupid groundhog.

I’ve been stuck in the house a lot this winter. Even when some of the storms ended, and it was easy enough to go to work, the office had no power. It’s getting a little ridiculous, but we’ll always have soup.

This is the first post that follows my new format, so if you have any notes, thoughts or contributions you want to make to it, please leave a comment. Otherwise, soup’s on! (See what I did there?)

2014-02-14 15.33.22

Recipe courtesy of Michael Symon
Serves 6

Saving a turkey carcass after Thanksgiving is a great way to make soups, as well as to get the most out of your bird. Michael Symon’s soup uses all of the leftovers, plus some fresh vegetables to make a nice, light soup with some rich tarragon dumplings.

My Take:

  • Shrink-wrapped soup: You can get most of the vegetables the recipe calls for in the produce section of any grocery store all in one package simply marked “soup vegetables,” “soup pack,” or “soup mix.” As a bonus, the package contains some herbs that you can use elsewhere. Or throw them out in the street. It’s your purchase.
  • Parsnips A-Plenty: A personal first for me was using turnips and parsnips. I’ve never eaten them before in my life, so that were a nice surprise, and I could see myself using them again in something.
  • Would you like some soup with your gigantic dumplings?: Once you’ve made the tarragon dumpling dough, I suggest putting it in a piping bag with a decorative cap. Then, as you’re cooking them, pipe small dumplings into the broth and cook them. And I mean SMALL dumplings, like maybe no more than the size of a marble, because these guys expand. On my first pass, I used a tablespoon of the dough to make them, and they expanded to the size of hockey pucks. As for the decorative cap on the piping bag, it just makes it looks nice.

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