The Most Fattening Foods on Earth

Since when is fat bad for you?

When it’s not telling me how much it loves Lena Dunham for some reason, The Huffington Post is often perched on it’s high horse. Today, they’re trying to ruin food with their snotty liberal agenda, looking down at me and mocking my affinity for things like ice cream, sandwiches and ice cream sandwiches.

In all seriousness though, this slideshow shares the fattiest food out there, some with good fats, others with bad fats. I can tell you now, too, that I’ve eaten 3 out of 5 of these bad boys just this week. The key is moderation, portion control and certainly to get your ass to the gym and stay active.

Click here to read the article, check out the slideshow, stare in horror at the food facts and generally feel bad about your diet. Or get hungry.


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