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Grilled ham & gouda w/ caramelized onions & roasted tomato mayonnaise

It’s a mess. A delicious mess.

The wonky schedule here has had a lot to do with my diet and non-stop exercise in anticipation of our wedding, but more importantly, an impending trip to Mexico. I’m happy to report that I’m 13 pounds down from my worst of 2014, but there’s still less than four weeks of vacation shape to get in.

On top of that, the blog and my eating have been hampered by the bane of my existence: pictures of sandwiches.

No shit, I’ve made three burgers and one sandwich in the last two weeks, and the pictures just look like crap. It’s driving me batty because I want to have content on the site, but I want it to look nice. Then it hit me…burgers and sandwiches aren’t diet food. They’re sloppy, disgusting messes (most of the time anyway) that make your mouth water. They’re a bitch to shoot, but a treat to eat. And since that rhymes, we’ll leave it at that.



Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay
Serves 4

My Take:

  • What the hell is le grille?: Since we have so many rolls in the house and no need to spend money unnecessarily, I opted to grill all of this on my brand new griddle and put it right on a toasted bun. The recipe also notes that you can serve the mayo as a side and dip it in, but I honestly feel I’d use more mayonnaise just dipping than I would with just a heaping tablespoon on the bottom of the sandwich. Speaking of which…
  • Mayonnaise:  I always substitute a light mayo or whatever label in the store tells me it’s healthy. Seriously. Mayo is bad enough, so if you’re going to be using it, this is a great place to cut the calories and some of the fat. As a bonus, the roasted tomato mayo is delicious and would likely go great with a potato salad, or God forbid, tuna salad (which is just cat food and mayonnaise — and is disgusting).
  • Tricked out ham & cheese:  Bobby’s sandwich is a tricked out ham & cheese, but he uses prosciutto and gouda. Again, we already had the ham in the house, so I opted to use that instead, heating it up on the grilled in a stack and topping it with the shredded gouda. To melt the cheese on the ham or to melt some on an indoor burger or something, cover the protein with a small, metal mixing bowl. The steam will be trapped in the upside down bowl and will help melt the cheese into a disgusting mess of awesomeness.
  • Napkins. Get some.

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