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Philadelphia steak burger w/ provolone cheese sauce & caramelized onions

Yo, Philly!

It’s Opening Day around baseball today, and we celebrate that with food. And since this site is a proud sponsor of Philadelphia and it’s beloved Phillies, I can think of nothing better than sharing a Philadelphia-inspired burger.

This burger is a take on the steak Beth and I had at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill the night we got engaged. We’ve had the steak a number of times at home, including a fun night and some dinner with friends this past Saturday. So with some leftovers in the form of the provolone cheese sauce and some caramelized onions, I took the steak dish and turned it into a delicious burger.

There IS a Philadelphia burger from Bobby Flay, not to be confused with my own attempt some time ago.

2014-03-31 11.24.18

Recipe adapted from Bobby Flay
Serves 4

My Take:

  • Yo goober! Where the meat?: Obviously, the recipe I linked to the steak dish. To make it as a burger, you’re just going to need a pound of ground chuck, which is about 80% fat/20% lean.
  • Let’s get sauced!: Bobby’s recipe also uses a steak sauce, which we did not use.¬†Instead, I brushed some onto the burger bun and baked it into the break. It gave it a little something extra and kept the steak sauce and the gooey cheese from making a real mess of things.
  • You don’t win friends with salad: Arugula is my favorite green out there. It’s not watery like an iceberg lettuce, which is what you usually get in most places (especially fast food). And it’s also a little peppery to me, which goes great with everything else on top of this burger. It’s also the closest thing to healthy in this dish.

Enjoy your grub, enjoy your Opening Day, and GO PHILLIES! Win those 74 games I think you’re going to win this year!


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