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Refire: Grilled prosciutto & gouda w/ caramelized onions & roasted tomato mayonnaise

Same great taste, way less mess.

I did this one a week a little over two weeks ago with whatever ingredients I had that came close to the original recipe, and did it as a messy sandwich. But the beauty of cooking for one or two people in our house is: leftovers.

With a whole block of gouda still sitting in the cheese drawer and some fresh bread, I took a stab at the real recipe itself, a delicious grilled cheese sandwich served alongside a roasted tomato mayonnaise for dipping.

While the other was a great messy sandwich served appropriately with a side of napkins, this refire looks more refined, but keeps the same taste while adding the crunch of a perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Which of the two do you like better?

2014-04-04 10.36.21

Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay


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