Bulgur salad w/ green onion vinaigrette

Why am I just discovering bulgur?

We did quinoa the other week, and I have to say that while the flavors were all really good, I simply did not know what the hell the quinoa was all about. Honestly, not thrilled with it as the main component of a dish. But in an effort to stay healthy, work my way through Bobby Flay Fit and try new things, I decided to take the plunge with bulgur.

Bulgur is literally just wheat.¬†And it’s amazing,

This dish was almost like a pasta dish or maybe rice, but either way, it was the best thing I ate all summer — and I had smoked brisket this year TWICE.

The only thing I would caution you on is the use of fresh mint. Fresh mint can be a little much for the taste buds, so if it’s not your thing, then you might consider cutting it down or cutting it out completely. Other than that, buy your bulgur in bulk and make this over and over and over and over again.

2014-07-30 15.59.25

Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay
Serves 6


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