Shut It Down

Peace out.

After 5 years of doing this, it’s time to move on. The Food Chain has been a great way for me to share my culinary journey, but ultimately it’s time to shut the place down. Over the last few months, I’ve tried to keep a schedule, but in reality, the blog is a time consuming and costly hobby in a life that is only going to get busier and more packed.

Usually, I would make dinner, shoot it, then do a write up on my lunch break the next day and try to have it up before getting back to work. But one bad shot or change in the recipe, and that led to refires and reshoots, multiple attempts at perfecting dishes and losing out on some free time. As work at the office continues to flow, house projects build and we prepare (and save) for a wedding and the potential of little chefs around the house, The Food Chain is simply no longer a priority.

I am by no means giving up cooking. The dream is to one day have a family and to cook with my kid(s) and teach them how the importance of cooking and trying new things. And I will still be shooting pictures on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and will pass along recipes/links when asked, but the day-to-day of blogging, searching for articles, posting silly videos or GIFs, and frankly looking for things to post just for the sake of posting and keeping a following is over.

No drama or anything. It was just a blog. But I wanted those who do follow it that it’s going by the wayside and that I completely appreciate the views, the interest, the comments, the followers, etc. Thank you so much for following this blog over the last five years from Blogger to Tumblr to Word Press.

Take care. God bless. Stay hungry.


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