Back for Seconds?

Truth be told, I’m not really back for seconds. If anything, I’m back for maybe…fourths?

Seriously, this is my fourth go of it with this blog. Started at Blogspot, then over to Tumblr, then here to Word Press. So after a very, very brief 16-month hiatus, the blog is coming back!

As some of you may recall (or can read about here), I shut it down in October 2014 because I was engaged and saving up what money I could. And rather than try to keep this thing going, it was easier to close up shop and stop worrying about new recipes, taking pictures, posting, social media, etc. It also allowed me to save money for the wedding and to embrace a simpler diet to squeeze into my tux.

Well, the wedding went off without a hitch, was the absolute highlight of my life, and I lost more than enough weight to squeeze into my tux.

Since coming home from the honeymoon last June, we’ve still cooked together and are even using a subscription service to try new dishes. I’ve still been taking pictures and posting them on social media, but lately I’ve gotten the itch to blog again.

It’s going to be different this time around. In the past, I’ve treated this like a business, which is ridiculous because I never once profited from this. Instead, this is going to be less of a job and back to the hobby it was when I started in 2009. No deadlines or schedules. Less taking on “projects” that never really see the light of day. Just good cooking out of our kitchen with pictures and posts as often as I can squeeze them in.

Hope you’ll all hop back on the bandwagon for this next chapter. Looking forward to delivering more food stuffs to your mouth holes.

Stay Hungry,

PS – Also, wife got me a smoker for a wedding present. So that. BBQ. #alloftheBBQ



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