Salmon poke bowl w/ avocado & brown rice

Today’s dish is Hawaiian-inspired, or more accurately, Plated-inspired. Because it was sent to our doorstep by the folks at Plated.

I’ve never been much of a salmon person, which is someone who enjoys salmon and is absolutely not some sort of half-salmon, half-human hybrid.


Thank you, Google Images.

Salmon is probably one of the more common fish on just about any menu or available at your grocer. For awhile, I would try a bite of it at the occasional wedding, then make a face to my date like a six-year old to indicate my distaste. This is actually pretty common — the taste, not the face — as most fish eaters who dislike salmon often refer to it as too “fishy.” Take a moment to even try and understand that comment, because it’s downright stupid.

According to Plated, poke is served with fresh vegetables and raw fish. Plated’s recipe calls for you to cook the salmon, which I smoked at 150 degrees over chunks of apple and cherry wood. Normally, the minimum smoking temperature for other proteins is around 225 degrees, but most of the research I did indicated that a lower temperature was a must for fish – especially salmon. I have no idea why. Probably because it’s more delicate? Is that a thing that makes sense to any of you?

Look, I saw a guy on a message board say “150 degree ONLY,” and I just kind of went with it.


I recommend squeezing the Sriracha aioli in a fancy pattern over the dish, instead of just sort of dropping a spoonful of it in one area, which is what is happening here.

Recipe courtesy of Plated
Serves 2

Does It Smoke?: It’s salmon. Smoked salmon is already a thing you can just buy in a can, so it must be normal, right? I don’t know, and I’m not willing to buy it to find out. But yes, you can smoke the salmon. If you’re going to smoke it (or any fish), lay it on heavy duty, non-stick foil. Fish is delicate, and if placed right on the grill, it’s going to tear itself apart.

As far as the wood is concerned, I’d recommend a fruit wood like apple or cherry or any other typically mild wood. Fish absorbs a lot of the flavors around it, so anything more intense in the wood department (mesquite, hickory, oak, etc.) is going to be too much and could wreak havoc on the balance of the flavors in this overall dish.

More importantly, should it smoke? No. See above. That’s why I typed it. This dish has complex flavors in it – marinated cucumber, sesame oil, unique spices. All of those are at risk of getting lost against a piece of perfectly smoked salmon. While I love smoking whatever I can get on my grill, smoking this was a waste of time and really didn’t do anything to enhance the dish. And certainly, any more smoke would have been a mistake.

Overall, this was a solid dish is our first-ever meal from Plated. Great flavors that worked well together and some of the best looking, seriously red salmon I’ve ever seen in my life.


Look how red or maybe orange (?) this is!

Rating: 5 out of 5 salmon-human hybrids approve.


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