Hi. I’m The Food Chain. I am a food blog thing.

Nah, just kidding. I’m Ryan. The blog is not yet sentient and doing its own posts. One day though. Fingers crossed.

After living on takeout for a number of years, I laid in bed hungover one Sunday morning entranced by what I was seeing on Top Chef. I thought to myself, “Bacon foam? I can make that. How hard can any of this be?”

After a few rocky starts, I began teaching myself how to cook at the age of 27, and haven’t stopped challenging myself in the kitchen — even to the point that I rarely make anything more than a handful of times. This infuriates my family.

The Food Chain started on Blogger in 2009, moved over to Tumblr in 2010, then finally settled on WordPress in 2012. There is no guarantee it will stay here, as I am never satisfied.

Always feel free to leave any comments or notes on any recipe. So long as it’s not over the top vulgar or spam, I’m going to accept it. You can also follow me on Twitter or become a fan of the blog over on Facebook.

Stay Hungry,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey thanks for following my blog and putting over there on the right My picture under Way Cool Bloggers. makes me feel appreciated, Thanks. It was the same for me also, what your wrote here in your About page. I started serious cooking in 2008 and by just last year 2011 in Sept I got into baking also. Maybe we can collaborate. Another blogger and I are wanting to start a E-Magazine, first issue Jan 2013. You have a lot of cool stuff here.

    Thanks again.

    Chef Randall


    • Sorry for the delay. Just did a little redesign to the site and I’ve been busy with some other projects. I’d be more than happy to collaborate. Lots of big projects coming up in 2013 anyway. What’s one more, right?


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