Features FAQ

The site has its own menu, but some things are targeted a little bit closer. Whether it’s eating right or washing it down with a beer, there are a number of features here at The Food Chain that set certain dishes apart from the others. Especially my Food Chain Original, of course.

A Cooking Show
Back in 2012, we experimented with our first video show. In collaboration with the guys at Serious Peanuts, five episodes were shot based on using several cooking techniques with a few original dishes. Check them out for some forced hilarity, complete frustration and delicious food stuffs. Special thanks to Serious Peanuts, Cagney, Mac, Carolyn, Salter, Tim, Brigid, Dan & Colin for making our first video feature a marginal success that delivered about 5 new viewers to the site. Yes. Five!

Eatin’ & Drinkin’
I’m a beer drinker. Always have been, always will be until a court or a room full of loved ones  steps in and request otherwise. This feature is all about pairing flavorful beers with unique tastes. If you’re looking for something to pair your Miller or Bud Light with, eat toast. If you’re looking for something special to fill your stomach and wet your whistle, this is for you.

Eat Yourself Thin!
Having a food blog, specifically one that has an entire section to drinking beer with your dinner (see above), is fatty business. At my highest ever back in 2005, I was 225 pounds. I’m always working to get myself down to a healthy weight, and the best way to do that while eating is to eat healthy, flavorful food. This section is all about maximizing flavor and getting the most out of your food even if it’s low in calories and low in fat. “Diet” doesn’t have to mean “boring.”

Food Chain Originals
There’s a whole lot of celebrity cheffage going on here. This section is dedicated to dishes originally conceived in my kitchen, straight from my brain to your mouth.

Game Day
Full disclosure – I am a Philadelphian. Philadelphia sports mean a lot to me, but they’re even better with a good meal right out in the parking lot or even at home on the couch. Food means a lot to me, but so do my sports. Why not put them together?

Grill It
When the northeast snow finally melts, it’s time to fire up the grill. From April until November, I’m outside a couple of times a week grilling up as many meals as I can come up with, including some BBQ and smoking. This one is all about the dishes you can make standing outside next to your grill under the sun.

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